Networking to Win – 5 Steps to winning at Wedding Catering

You’ve heard it many times before, networking is critical to good business. Today we’re going to look at at Wellington based company that does wedding catering – Blue Carrot Catering.

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Relationship building is important for all industries, but in industries where trust is paramount – word of mouth marketing is critical to a successful business model. For Weddings, where everything needs to run perfectly, people can’t afford to take a risk on a catering company that’s second rate.


  1. Provide Excellent Service Every Single Time

One thing Blue Carrot does incredibly well is provide an incredibly high quality service to it’s clients. Not only is this good for satisfaction ratings and re-use. But also great for word of mouth marketing.


2. Engage with the community

By frequently engaging with the community through giveaways and charitable donations Blue Carrot is able to become first of mind for wedding catering in the community.


3. Get the community to engage with them

Running online facebook campaigns that determine where money put aside for charity goes to allows the conversation to begin between customer and business. It allows the customer to feel like they’re actually contributing to the business decisions. And giving back to the community in a way.


4. Building relationships with key players

By making connections vertically across the touchpoints of weddings, Blue Carrot is able to get numerous referrals through this. For example, strategic alliances have been build with wedding venues like Wellington Zoo and florists like Twig and Arrow. These people will give Blue Carrot a positive referral in exchange for Blue Carrot giving positive referrals about venues or florists.


5. Referral Page

As many of these players now have referral pages on their websites it can be a good option to build a referral page on your site. In terms of outreach to businesses that you may not have incredibly strong relationships with, this is going to be your saving grace. You might say something like “Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to be a featured supplier on our site”. More often than not this ends up with a mutually beneficial relationship.


So you’ve heard it here first – these are the 5 steps you need to take to start winning at wedding catering. It’s not hard stuff, however can be time consuming.

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